Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekly Wrap (10/03)

by Joel Hawting | @jhawting

Greg Laurie - a Pastor and well-known Christian Author - talks with Colleen Swindoll-Thompson about a topic that does not get a lot of airplay in mainstream Christian circles: how to deal with grief and loss in life. This is quite a long video but is worth checking out.

Shot of Glory: Tear-jerking Story of Honour - Okay. So when I saw this I cried like a baby. Just warning you. This is simply a beautiful video that is well worth a look. Have the tissues ready!

Are You Making This Mistake in Your Prayer Life? - "Many times we feel so overwhelmed with our life’s circumstances that we become paralyzed... At that point we become so fixated on our problem and on ourselves, that it becomes super hard to be thankful or to have a Biblical perspective on life." Check out this great article from Not Ashamed of the Gospel.

Forgiveness - "If you want to see God change your family, it has to start here: Word #1 is Forgiveness.James McDonald writes a fantastic devotional on the importance of practising the value of forgiveness.

How Will They Know Jesus? - A very challenging video excerpt from one of Steve Furtick's messages. Well worth a look.

What Kind of Leader Was Jesus? - Dan Guy provides some great insights into the type of leader that Jesus Christ was during His earthly ministry. Another fantastic article from

Thought for the day...

"The most loving thing we can do is tell the truth so people can be reconciled to God."
— Mark Driscoll

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