Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I'm Addicted to Coffee

by Joel Hawting | @jhawting

This is the realisation that I've come to recently. I'm addicted to coffee. I can't wake up without it. I can't think without it. I can't socialise without it. I can't work on anything without it. I can't function without coffee regularly passing through my lips.

Now there's a problem with that. There's a big problem. The problem is that my love and enjoyment of coffee (those of you who know me well will know that I am a coffee lover and connoisseur!) has turned into an addiction. Coffee has become all-consuming. Coffee has become the focus. Coffee - at times - has taken me away from what matters most.

The bible is clear in what it teaches in relation to addictions. One scripture that stands out for me is Exodus 20:3. It reads: "You shall have no other gods before me." Whilst this scripture is obviously one of the ten commandments given by God to assist the Israelites in right living, it has application for our lives today.

Basically, God is good. He is amazing. He gives us purpose in life, He calls us by name, He redeemed us from the curse of sin through His death on Calvary's cross. He has given us life, He feeds us, He guides us on His paths of righteousness. The very earth and everything in it was made by Him, for His pleasure. He is magnificent, all-knowing and all-powerful. Nothing can come against Him. He is love.

Therefore, God is to be praised. He is worthy of honour. Our adoration. Our love and devotion. Our time. Nothing should hinder us in coming before God and worshipping Him, adoring Him and putting our faith and trust in Him. He deserves our full-undivided focus. Nothing should come between us and Him. Nothing.

To have a 'God' before God means that you are focussing on, worshipping, or elevating something before God. Something or someone is taking pre-eminence in your life. Something or someone is distracting you from what is important in life; the very one who gives you life, Jesus Christ.

Now I'm not saying that drinking coffee is wrong. Drinking coffee is great! The point is, for me right now, coffee has become an addiction and is taking up too much of my focus. So that is why I'm going on a coffee detox for the remainder of the month. I know that coffee has slowly elevated itself in my life. I know that God doesn't always get my full focus and attention every morning. I know that I need to once again be in control of coffee and not let it control me. So that means no coffee, at home or out. It will be tough but it will be worth it. After all, continuing to cultivate a strong relationship with God is well and truly worth the effort.

Do you struggle to keep seemingly good things from becoming addictions? Do you find it difficult to manage your use of other things such as social media and technology, to ensure that you don't become addicted?

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