Friday, 8 March 2013

Weekly Wrap (03/03)

by Joel Hawting | @jhawting

Christian Rapper LeCrae explains what Biblical Manhood is. Well worth a look! Check out more great video, audio & print resources at

Community As Sacrament - "Are Christ’s characteristics and heart for the world reflected in the way we live as a community?  Do we love selflessly?  Do we care for the underserved?  Do we steward the land out of reverence for God’s Creation?" John Huckins writes an interesting article for Red Letter Christians on how Christians should be living in community with purpose.

The Cost of Compromise - "The appearance of unity, no matter how enticing, is not worth sacrificing the clarity of the gospel." John MacArthur urges all Christians in this piece to "...contend and not compromise." Well worth a read.

Five Signs of an Arrogant Pastor - "Arrogance stifles mission. It redirects the focus of our ministry to us instead of to a kingdom focus. And if left unchecked, our ministry will begin to exist for its purpose, not God's purposes.Ed Stetzer writes yet another thought provoking article on Arrogance.

How to be Mentored Without a Mentor - Jodi Ware writes a great piece exploring the issue of mentoring for Christians, and offers alternatives to the traditional one-on-one mentor relationship. Well worth a look.

Who Does What? 5 Observations on Clarifying Leadership Roles - This is a process that we have been going through recently at our church. Tony Morgan provides some great points on the importance of clarifying leadership roles in the church.

Thought for the day...

"Compromised truth has no hope of rescuing the eternal souls of men and women..."
— John MacArthur

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