Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Weekly Wrap (14/04)

by Joel Hawting | @jhawting

I came across this video recently where N.T Wright - renowned author and Christian speaker - speaks about his views around Atheism. It is worth listening to if you have time!

Rick Warren, Critics, And The Hope of God's Son - I'm sure you are well aware by now of the terrible tragedy that happened just this week: the suicide of Rick Warren's son Matthew. You might also be aware of the horrible judgement and criticism that Rick Warren has received as a result, both within some areas of the church and in secular media. Mark Driscoll - Pastor of Mars Hill Church - writes a fantastic post on the three different types of Rick Warren critics. This is well worth a read.

Get A Mentor in 2013 - This is from early on this year, but it is a helpful article still nonetheless. Tyler Braun exhorts all of us as believers to take the time to meet regularly with a mentor stating: "It could change your life. I know it changed mine."

Three Surprising Reasons Churches Don't Grow - Aaron Armstrong writes a thoughtful post about why it is that some churches just don't grow. A great article that is well worth checking out!

Learning To Resist Cutting Edge & Sexy - "The longer I work with students, the more convinced I am that there is nothing sexy or cutting edge about effective youth ministry." Cameron Cole writes a great post on Churchleaders.com, exploring the need for Youth Ministries to remain grounded in what is important: "...pursuing relationships, teaching scripture, proclaiming the Gospel, worshipping and praying fervently."

Are Some People Disqualified From Ministry? - "Not everyone is qualified to serve and lead in the Lord’s church. Don’t miss that — "to serve and to lead." In the Lord’s work, serving and leading often consist of the same activities, performed by the same people. The Lord’s best servants are the congregation’s best leaders. Those who lead best are humble servants willing to stoop and wash the feet or rise and lead the charge, whatever the situation requires." Joe McKeever writes a great article on leadership qualities that churches should be looking for in appointing people to positions of leadership.

Thought for the day...

"Jesus Christ is not a problem, He is the solution to every problem for life, for death, and for eternity."
— H.A. Ironside

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